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Batch 61 @henysisonculinaryschool

Passionate about baking… that’s what I am!! Been baking at home since I was 12 years old, and enjoy it more and more each passing day. It’s challenging, inspirational, creative and therapeutic.

Heny Sison Culinary school is a skill-acquisition center, you learn food cooking and cake decorating techniques step by step as a child learnt abc like just learning alphabet in school. The skilled, well experienced patience instructors guided me through throughout the program. it is a worthwhile investment, I can highly recommend Heny Sison Culinary school!

It was an experience I will never forget. All the teachers and staff were extremely patient, friendly, fun to work with and so knowledgeable. Moreover the program was perfectly planned out. The best thing their courses are the best value for money (compared to all courses I took in my life) - you get a ton of equipment to take home! Instead of taking various cheaper courses take this one! My advice would be to never stop learning or working for what you want. Nothing comes easy, ever, if you want something, you have to work for it. By working for it I mean work on your craft, learn from people who have something to teach. It's just like anything else, practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

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