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Our Egg Pie ( Custard Pie ) Flaky Crust

Our Egg Pie ( Custard Pie ) got a flaky crust, it tasted really delicious and it’s just the right sweetness. Growing up, this was the pie that we would have at every party gathering and celebration. My childhood memories my dad would buy this for me after he gets home from work and I would hide it so no one else could eat it but me . It makes me sad that I hardly see this pie around. The new generation have no idea what they’re missing out. So I’m here to bring it back. We asked you to give us a week in advance notice upon ordering.

At Desserts by Robert Flavios, we believe the ingredients in our goods should be of the finest quality available. Absolutely NO preservatives in our products, only natural ingredients.

For inquiries call us. Now you can call us at our

Landline number

045-300-2030 or at



or 0936-802-7590.



DTI 2054935

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